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As a company we want to give back to our sport and help others less fortunate experience the joy and amazing mental health benefits that fishing brings, so we decided to use our profits to taking disadvantaged kids and people going through a tough time physically and mentally struggling with PTSD, anxiety, depression

etc out fishing for the day away from all the normal day to day stresses and struggles they are unfortunately going through, hopefully giving them a new focus and hobby but if nothing else just a day out creating memories and having fun! Unfortunately something that so many children and adults just don't get to do.

We arrange events where by we give people that are going through a tough time, want to try or take their kids for the first time the opportunity to get out on the

bank and experience all the joys of fishing and the mental health benefits it brings. All equipment and bait is supplied, disabled friendly swims, one to one coaching from experienced anglers, food and drinks,  Angling Trust Get Fishing awards available AND it's all FREE!


Last year we ran a number of events mainly focused around underprivileged children and were lucky enough to work with an amazing Charity called The Friendship Project. Over the course of these events we introduced over 70 people into fishing including nearly 40 kids who achieved their Bronze, Silver or Gold Angling Trust Get Fishing Awards.  Seeing the joy and the transformation in the kids is what we hoped for but we never imagined how much the coaches and guardians would also take from the days. One of our coaches even said "I have been fishing 50 years and have never had a better days fishing than I have coaching the kids". One thing we heard from so many of the guardians was that they hadn't realised how relaxing and peaceful sitting by a lake fishing would be. For us this is what it is all about. 

We as a fishing family love it so much, not just for the excitement of catching a fish but for the relaxation, stress relief and head space it brings not to mention all that nature has to offer.


We believe that if you introduce a young person to a hobby such as fishing, it helps keep them on the banks and off the streets. So let's help kids get tackled up not tooled up!"


If you share our love of fishing and the great outdoors come join the Bank Life Fishing family and let's do some good!


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